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Residential area
Berzengui Project
Turkmenistan (1992-1996)

Client: Bridas Corporation

Tasks performed:

Residential area and entertainment center.

• 29 houses.
• 1 hotel.
• Pool area.
• Sports area.
• Club House.
• Social Center.

The objective was to create a private complex for the administrative personnel of “Joint Venture Keimir”, an enterprise dedicated to oil and gas upstream and downstream activities in Central Asia. For this project, a group of proffesional was conformed - architects, designers, decorators, landscapers, etc.

• Project.
• Project Management.
• Tender process.
• Bid and background analysis.
• Investment analysis.
• Hiring process.
• Work progress supervision.

Balko Argentina S.A., Founding member of
Sociedad Latinoamericana de Facility Management
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